Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making the Bed

"The art of being happy lies in the
power of extracting happiness from common things."

Henry Ward Beecher
Making the bed is one of my favorite household chores. Pulling the sheets smooth, folding the quilt over, fluffing the pillows. 

Until I can upholster a proper headboard for Bela, a folded-over quilt makes a soft place for our heads while we read bedtime stories.

With each step in the process, I think of the people who will sleep there. The sweet dreams I have for them.

Griffin has become an amazing reader by having 15-30 minutes each night to read before bed. When he feels sleepy, he clicks off the inexpensive clip-on light from Target.

It only takes a minute or two, but making the bed provides so many benefits. The bedroom instantly feels tidier with this one act. Bedtime becomes more welcoming. And it's a simple way to show love through action.

While I make my own bed each morning to preserve a sense of order and rhythm in days that are never the same, I have a different standard for the kids.
Making their own beds is one of the five things that Griffin and Bela are supposed to do for themselves at the start of each day, along with getting dressed, brushing hair & teeth, and eating breakfast. But it is not our highest priority on busy school days. In fact, I would prefer they sleep in and get extra rest, if there is a choice between the two.
On the days that they haven't made their bed--as a special treat--I like to make their beds for them. I do it in the evening when they are having a bath or shower. When I first started doing it this way, I had considered placing a little mint on their pillows, like the "turn down service" at four-star hotels. Of course kids, candy, and impending bedtime aren't a great combo. ;) And it's really enough on its own to simply make the bed.  


  1. My kids are supposed to make their beds, too, but almost never do and I let it slide. It IS nice to have a nicely made bed to climb into though

  2. I've never made a big deal about bed making--because my husband is always still in bed when I leave for work--but lately, my 10 year old daughter has taken to making her bed and is extremely pleased with herself. She takes great pride in having a neatly made bed and I take great pride in her attention to detail.

  3. That is such a great quote. My son makes his bed, but my daughter doesn't. I love how you talk about thinking of the people who sleep there.


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