Friday, November 8, 2013

Details and the Next One Room Challenge

Yesterday I showed you my mom's finished breezeway/laundry room. Here are the details for anyone who was wondering.

Cabinet: Already owned ($5 yard sale find)
Paint on the cabinet: Krylon Oxford Blue Satin
Lamp: Already owned
Buffalo print fabric: Calico here 
Runner: Rugs USA here

The next One Room Challenge Linking Party will be held in April. I have been so inspired by all the talent out there, and it just makes me so itchy to do something of my own.

By April we will be in our new house! And while I certainly intend to do some projects immediately, that schedule will allow me just the right amount of time to plan something BIG!!

As of now, I'm thinking either something like this...

Or something like this...

Joss & Main
Of course, life goes on. And while we will be pretty much settled into our new house by next April, I will be a mere three months from our wedding date... Bridezilla? Let's hope not!


  1. I'm excited too! Planning on doing my guest room for that one!!! Again, good luck with the move!

  2. Carrie, you are so ambitious...3 months before your wedding! You know Sawdust Girl could do the plans for you on bookcases. If you have access to a wood shop, it will be a lot less expensive than Ikea, and much better quality. Just a thought.


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