Friday, November 1, 2013

ORC Link-Up: Week 5

There has been lots more progress in my mom's laundry room/breezeway for this installment of the One Room Challenge...which is good because we only have one week left!

Together, my parents got the rest of the louvered doors spray painted. They had been raw wood and are now a nice, crisp white.

A before and after shot of what the room looked like with the unpainted doors and what it looks like now.

The white not only brightens it up but makes it feel fresh, too. 
As you can see, though, we they still have some work to do, crafting the skirt for the sink base and adding the lattice to camouflage the furnace (back corner near the door).

One of the unexpected, fun things that happened this week was that my mom asked about adding a lamp to the corner with the painted chest. I was ecstatic because I had just been checking out a blue & white lamp sale on One Kings Lane. The sale is now over but that's okay because my mom had a few choices that she wanted to try.

The first one worked just right! And it will help to light up this area at night.

The lamp is sitting on top of the chest my mom bought in Alabama last winter. We call it the "Alabama chest"--clever, right? Anyway, it had been white but she painted it a dark blue and added the knobs. It now holds dog food, which is a more attractive option than a big bag of food sitting out. This is also where the artwork will go once that's decided...

Eventually {in other words, not for this challenge} the wall paneling is going to get some white paint to brighten up the space even more. Progress is still progress, though. I know my mom, and even my dad, are enjoying this space so much more now!

I'm off to check out what the rest of the challengers were up to this week.

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  1. We are indeed enjoying the space much more! It looks so much better and I am excited t the prospect of getting the walls painted in the spring. I would mention, the hinges are not on the Alabama chest yet, Dad will likely get that done tomorrow evening. Thank you Cosy Carolina for doing this for us. You have great ideas; I always knew you should be a decorator

    1. Hi Carrie's Mom! What paint did you use on the chest? It's so cute I just love it!

  2. Carrie, the white paint makes a huge difference. I love a spot do drop stuff on, and this cabinet is prefect for that. How great that your mom is using what she has. That is always the best place to start. Good luck to all of you this week.

  3. Doors look great...totally lightens up the space! Looking forward to seeing your sink skirt & reveal!

  4. The white totally brightened up the space! With the walls white too, the blue Alabama chest will perfectly pop!

  5. Crisp white lightens and brightens up a space so well. Great choice Carrie.

  6. Hi yogabeth,
    I used a spray paint on the chest - Krylon Oxford Blue Satin. The chest is pretty small and I got it for $5 at a yard sale last winter in Alabama. I'm not sure I would use a spray paint on a bigger or better condition piece. I think a paint store could do a pretty close match though. glad you like it!


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