Thursday, November 7, 2013

ORC: Big Reveal

Okay, so I have already shown you most of the progress in my mom's breezeway/laundry room. Big reveal, not so much.

This time you do get to see the sink skirt, though. I think the buffalo check is my favorite element of this space! So... what am I going to write about??

Ten Takeaways from this One Room Challenge
1. Paint--especially white paint can freshen up a space that needs it. Instantly everything feels cleaner, more orderly. Darker colors, on the other hand, work really well to ground a space.

2. Paint doesn't necessarily have to go on the walls to get this effect. My parents painted only the louvered doors of the room (for now) and it made a big impact. 

 3. Paint can also be effectively used on furniture to connect it to the overall design of the room.  My mom painted this inexpensive chest a dark blue, which coordinates with the rug and sink skirt.

 4. Go for dark and lots of pattern if you have mess-makers in your home. This rug was laid down by the back door where my parents' little dog comes and goes. It hides pet hair and muddy paw prints perfectly.

5.  Organize, organize, organize!! When you start a project like this, let go of things that no longer work for you. There's no reason to keep storing things in plain view that you neither love nor need.

6. Shop the house. My mom used this little lamp to add extra light. The colors coordinate with the look that we were going for, and best of all, it was free! 

7.  Mix patterns to add interest. I paired the floral pattern of the rug and the blue & white buffalo check print fabric for the sink skirt. They both have the same tones which helps the prints work together. 

8. Use fabric! The sink skirt truly is my most inspired idea and my favorite part of the space. It softens up the harder lines of the washing machine.

9. Hold out for what you really like; don't just choose something in order to be "done." My mom and I couldn't agree about the art work over the Alabama chest. So, there's nothing there... for now. 

10. Hire a designer! Not everyone has the interest to make these choices on their own. But I think everyone benefits from a prettier, more organized space. In fact, with the Internet, you don't even have to be local to your designer. If you are interested in working together, send me a message. I would LOVE to help you! :)

A SUPER HUGE Thanks to Linda of Calling it Home, the originator of the One Room Challenge, who opened it up to all of us for this fun linking party. Please check out the other amazingly talented designers and bloggers in both the ORC and the Linking Party. And if you were one of the participants leave me a comment so I make sure to visit you back!



  1. Great job Carrie! It's a very calm space. I love that print on the rug, and also how your checkered sink skirt :-)

  2. I've been waiting for the sink skirt...looks great!! Love how you brightened this space...well done!!

  3. Those were fantastic tips, Carrie! I am in love with that sink skirt. You didn't say, but I can only imagine that your mom is over the moon happy with all of this. What a difference the paint made. Congratulations for finishing the first ever, long distance room makeover in the ORC. Happy moving.

  4. Love the skirted sink - it's on my dream kitchen "want list"! I'm sure your mom is a happy lady with her new space!

  5. Great job Carrie! I'm sure your mom is very happy with the way it turned out! (Hope your move goes well!)

  6. What great taking point Carrie! AMEN on everything! Love the check you added, and girl, this room was a huge challenge to begin with, so I say you did a wonderful update on it! Mom and you should be so pleased! CHEERS!

  7. Great tips! I love the sink skirt, buffalo check is one of my favorite patterns. I agree about painting things even if it's not walls. My mom thought I was crazy when I wanted to paint all the original dark wood '60s trim in this house, but it has made a huge difference.

  8. Carrie you mom is lucky to have such a talented daughter! LOVE the buffalo check and rug and how they look together!! Looks great!

  9. Love the sink skirt....that really helps to update the space and add some softness! Great tips!

  10. Such a great finished project. LOVE the buffalo check, a personal fave. It really adds character. I'll bet your Mom is delighted! You have included some terrific take aways too!

  11. Love the room and that gorgeous buffalo check! I bought some black and white buffalo check for my laundry room sink months ago and still haven't made my sink skirt! Now you have me motivated! Great job!

  12. I love the buffalo check. You've created such a happy space! New follower!


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