Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Decorating...NOT

As I have been reading my favorite design blogs this morning, a trend has emerged: lots of us have not really gone all out decorating for the holiday this year. 

Heck, at our house we don't even have our tree yet!!!


However, my mom did get me a big blue and white ginger jar this weekend at a resale shop in my hometown. I'm thinking it will look great with some evergreen boughs in it. 

via Country Living

The store, called Nu 2 U Resale Shop, also had several old toboggans. I thought they were pretty affordable--although I wasn't planning to buy one and haul it home so I didn't look that closely at the price (maybe $25 though??). I think this is a cute look for an xmas entryway.

Do you decorate for the winter holidays? Or do you skip it??


  1. I do my holiday decorating in stages--no six hour marathon decorating blitzes for me. First, I never start until after my son's December 7 birthday, except for our Advent wreath and Advent calendar (which aren't Christmas, they're Advent). Last night, we brought out the Christmas knick-knacks for the living room (nutcrackers, a light-up Santa house, our Charlie Brown Christmas figurine and Rudolph figurines). Tonight, I may change our mug tree from regular mugs to holiday mugs, and switch the autumn placemats for Christmas ones, and hang some Christmas dishtowels. A day or two after that, the manger and Nativity figures come out. Finally, we'll put up our tree. I like drawing out the experience of getting the house ready for the holidays--and there's no rush.

  2. I love that picture with the blue and white jars. I'll take all of that please. :) I've noticed that trend this year of decorating less. I'm usually on board with that, but since I started early this year I keep adding more and more as I see things out. So, as usual I'm doing the opposite of what's trending lol.

  3. My mood depends on the year....last year I barely put up anything but this year I dragged it all out! Either way I think it's important to just enjoy the season as much as you can, decorations or not!

  4. One of the best things the Internet has taught me: if you see blue and white jars at a good price, don't think and just buy. You can make those work for you year round! Jenn at East Meets South

  5. No shame in that Carrie - what matters is that you're enjoying the season!

  6. We decorated early this year so we can now sit back and enjoy it all. We have skates on our front door as well. They were our daughter's first pair.


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