Friday, December 19, 2014

"Six Days to Xmas" High Five Friday

We are speeding toward xmas now, people. No matter if you are ready or not, it's coming. 

My weekend plans and what I am loving from the past week, otherwise known as my "high five Friday" for your reading pleasure:

1. The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer
Is singing loud for all to hear, of course. At noon I'm heading down to the Capitol where a former sheriff-now-senator is unveiling a nativity scene on the capitol lawn. This story had been making me uncomfortable, to say the least, and I am relieved that my church and lots of others got involved. 

2. And more singing...
Then tonight, while my son has a sleepover with his BFF, I'm planning to take my daughter to a Cocoa and Classics event at the Broad Art Museum. It's one of 19 museums that HuffPo recommends visiting over the holidays.  

Domaine Home
3. A Home Away From Home
Everything that Domaine publishes I fall in love with, and nothing more so this week than their exclusive with Nate Berkus about the signature suite he designed for the Loews Regency Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The brushstroke art over the sofa and the cornice and drapery are my favorites in this stunning room.

4. Christmas in Paradise
Did you see my holiday house tour? Then you know I'm really dreaming about a tropical Christmas. This image of orchids in Naples, Florida, has been on my mind since Linda posted it earlier this week.

5. There's Always Next Year
Using these organizing tips, I plan to start my Christmas planning early next year. Like the day after Halloween-early. Here's an awesome free printable to help me remember! And this is probably the time to mention that it is unlikely I will be mailing Christmas cards this year. Again.

I hope you all have the merriest of holidays!!!

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