Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hanging Dana's Stocking

One of the best parts of blogging has been getting to know other people who share my love of interior design and creating a beautiful home. But, generally speaking, these relationships have been online only, whereas today's guest is someone I've known IRL for the past ten years. In fact, from the first moment I met Dana, I have felt that she is someone who exudes the sort of calmness I want for my own life. So I am thrilled to be able to share some of her favorite things here today!


this time of the year makes me feel happy, thankful, and content with all the blessings in my life: my home, the sunlight coming through my bedroom in the morning hours, liam and alexandra, your great sharing and caring style, our cat louise, the warm fire we get to have through the winter months...this and more...there is so much good that is happening.  

my family really loves our stockings and we have a tradition of opening up one gift from our stockings on christmas eve.  each year, i buy a hallmark ornament for liam and alexandra and they hang it up on our tree and we have snacks and christmas music on.  your virtual stocking invitation brings me back to these happy memories with my kids!

hand lotion: to me it's important to use natural products free of parabens and chemicals and that it have natural scents. this lotion, made with shea butter is thick and creamy, is all natural, and smells and feels amazing on my hands. i'm always cooking meals for the kids, so having an extra tube of this in the kitchen helps keep my hands looking good.  

parenting book:  one of the best books i've ever come across for gentle parenting.  i'm passionate about  treating children well, giving them unconditional love, and children's rights;  and this book goes into great depth to examine these subjects.  mine has been lended out so many times, it is now falling apart.  having another copy to share would be ideal.    

puppy: for my family :-)  not only are pets therapeutic, my kids are begging for a dog.  we've been searching for a rescue toy poodle mix rather than buying a "new" puppy to help one in need.   

lavender bath: love my baths and detoxing time, and lavender is my go-to for stress relief and relaxation. this bath soak uses crystallized kelp instead of sugar or salt so it's packed with vitamins and minerals that go directly through your skin (without any toxic chemicals) to nourish and detox your body.     

tata harper mask: i've not tried this, but it sounds amazing and is a natural product too.  

ugg alana slipper: or any type like this with the sheep lining to keep my feet comfy and warm. there's nothing quite like the natural fiber sheep wool to keep your feet happy, pure bliss it is.  

100% pure body lotion: great for the whole body too!  

pale doe lightweight cashmere scarf: cashmere feels so good on my skin. i love this as it's lightweight cashmere so i can wear it from september to june!

Aren't these lovely choices?! I hope Santa is a reader and that Dana gets everything she wishes for, and more! 

Do you want to be part of this fun series? Please send me an email and I'll give you the lowdown. :)  Read about previous stocking-stuffers below:


  1. thanks so much for including me carrie! what a great idea and how fun it is to create a virtual gift list. xx, dana

  2. Love Dana's picks. That puppy is adorable. Good for them for looking for a rescue in need of a loving home.


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