Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kate's Dream Christmas Stocking

Today's virtual stocking is brought to you by Kate of Willow Interiors. You may remember her as a participant in the One Room Challenge Linkups. She has now re-done all three of her kids' bedrooms! Total mom of the year prize for that, I tell ya! 

Michael's Room
Aren't those glossy black doors gorgeous?! Check out the rest of the room reveal here.

Anna's Room
Her daughter Anna's bedroom with that amazing canopy! Read the rest here.

Kevin's Room
And her youngest son's fun, colorful room here. I love those arrows!

I can tell you that Kate has been a very good girl, Santa! 

Kate's Dream Christmas Stocking

This is the only perfume I have worn in years. I love it because it is just a clean scent. But my local Irish import store has closed! :(  Right now all I have is a small travel roll-on...  Santa, feel free to jam in as many of these babies as you can... ;)
Duckhorn Vineyards Red + White Gift Set
Years ago Kevin and I had a special trip to Napa and this winery, and I joke with him that it is our "house" is not. :)

I've got a thing for Kate Spade, watches, and the color this is perfection! 
Okay, I may a get a little weepy here, but the Fresh Air Fund is an organization near and dear to my heart.  We had city kids come and stay with us when I was growing up and I remember loving it so much we decided to keep the tradition going with my own family.  We've met wonderful children and have had great experiences, but Nate has been visiting us since he was 6 and he's now 14! He is a great kid, in a shitty school (pardon my french) and I would love to be able to send him to a private school and broaden his horizons a bit...  In the meantime we plan on having him out before Christmas and spoiling him and his family a little, all the while stressing to him that education is the key to improving your life! 
Okay onto more of my dream wish items for my stocking!
Pippa Classic Grab
I've loved this bag for awhile and apparently so has everyone else once they saw Pippa Middleton walking around with it after her sister's wedding. The website doesn't have the grey in stock right now, so I guess I'll go with the black.

My family knows I'm crazy about Christmas music and equally crazy about Idina Menzel, so yes please!

Okay, I know I could feed a country with this, but a girl can dream can't she?
And before I wake up from this dream, you might as well throw in:
We honeymooned in Hawaii 16 years ago (Wow! Where did that time go!?) and would love to bring the kids to our favorite island of Kauai, so if Santa wants to throw flight and hotel vouchers into my stocking, I'm not going to stop him!

Okay, Carrie thank you for asking me to be a part of your virtual Christmas Stocking dreaming!!! This was fun to dream a little bit, but it seems that I dream BIG! Tell Santa I've ordered this stocking and I'll leave it out for him. ;)


Isn't Kate the best?! I love all her choices, her sense of humor, and her big heart. :)
To read others in this series, visit here for Lauren from Simply LKJ's stocking and here for mine. If you'd like to play along, please send me an email.

Happy Holiday-ing!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Carrie!!! That was so much fun!!! Thank you for inviting me to your fun virtual party! Now from your blog to Santa's ears... ;)

  2. So much fun! Love Kate's pics. And, her kiddos certainly are lucky with those beautiful rooms.


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