Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Going with the Flow

Since I have not yet figured out this issue between Windows 10 (Microsoft Edge) and Blogger, AND I have so much to share with you all, I am going to make this weird, photo-less format work for me!

The other night my husband and I spent ten minutes looking for my measuring tape, and it was suggested that this may be why Erica is the organizer, not me. ;) But truly, I'm SUPER excited to be working with clients to use what they have in new ways, styling and re-decorating their homes and businesses!

And my work has inspired me at home, too! We have given away or sold TONS of cool things this summer, including:

--the gold-lined lampshade that Jenna featured here

--this runner

--the pink couch shown in this post

--a tall, dark bookcase

--our TV stand

--the headboard that I used to create the faux daybed in my daughter's room

Because "using what you have" is best when you are using what you love...

We've gotten some new things like this and a TV stand from the sale I mentioned on Friday.

There are still a few things left around our house that I want to do. Having cleared out some of what we don't want, it's as if I've created space for inspiration to strike!

--Replace the fixture over our dining table // I think I've found a few low-cost options!

--Switch out the front and back doors, and replace the creaky, bi-fold closet doors in our entry

--Change the exterior color of our house to make the look more unified yet still fit the era in which it was built // I am leaning toward something like this project's facade, especially after a drive in the country this week when I saw a building that has a similar look!

I'm hoping that I figure out this blogging issue soon and that I can post a picture of our new TV stand on Instagram very soon!

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