Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Before + After: Ugly Sofa

Happy Wednesday, friends! I have just enough time for a quick post today and I want to talk to you about how to make an ugly sofa work.

via Boho Luxe Interiors
Step 1: Wrap the bottom cushions in a beautiful throw. 
You could use a Moroccan wedding quilt as was done here. If your sofa has an all-over pattern like a floral or plaid, try pulling one of the colors from there. I would suggest using one of the less dominant colors to build your base. And don't be afraid to mix patterns! A stripe or plaid throw on a floral sofa could be great!
Moroccan wedding blanket / blue stripe / purple geometric / blue plaid

Step 2: Load the back of the sofa with pillows.
I especially like using texture rather than pattern to create some interest here. Pam wrote all about the power of solid pillows yesterday. And I'm loving these velvet choices. To get the right look, be sure to buy the biggest pillow you can find. Double up the solid colors, add in a touchable texture like sheepskin or fur, and finish it off with a decorative lumbar pillow. 

Purple / Mongolian Fur / Dark Blue / Lumbar / Sheepskin / Light Blue

Bonus Step: Mix solid colors to create an ombre effect. With this patterned lumbar pillow to tie everything together, you could easily mix & match the purple, dark blue, and light blue velvet pillows.

Rather than creating a disguise, I think of this as an enhancement, transforming an ugly sofa into something that is comfortable and inviting!

If I can help YOU with a design dilemma, please let me know! This is one of the services that we are now offering at Your Organized Space.  :)

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  1. Awesome idea, Carrie! Hope you'e having a great summer! :)


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