Monday, August 10, 2015

Rewinding the Weekend

My husband celebrated his 29th birthday this weekend. His real one. Not like my "29th" birthday that has come and gone a dozen few times. ;)

To celebrate, we went to Chicago with a big group of his friends.

This is where I kicked my shoes off last night when we stumbled in the door from the train station. I got tons of compliments on these sandals from the under-30 crowd. You can buy them online here--mine were on clearance so they are even cheaper in the store if you can find them. The high backs were (mostly) great ankle support. 

Because we walked and walked, then walked some more this weekend. My FitBit hit 10,000 steps not long after lunch. Of all the bright lights and big city attractions, my favorite was this pod-shaped set of condos atop a parking garage (with an attached steak house--anyone have any idea how many steak houses are in Chicago?? It makes the whole city smell delicious!).

We hopped on the train early Saturday morning to head into the city. Chicago is only about four hours from East Lansing by train, and on both days of our trip, we bumped into people we know. It's such a convenient way to travel. The weather was slightly overcast and just a little breezy. Perfect!

I'm glad we went; it was a very fun trip and nice to see friends we don't get to see very often. But I am also so glad to be home in our sleepy little town even with all the messes in our house to clean up from last week. Isn't that the beauty of travel?? That it helps us to appreciate the ordinary parts of our life in a new way? {And hooray, I'm able to format everything the right away again here on the blog AND upload photos!}

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  1. Love your shoes!! Chicago is one of my favorite towns. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a great week!!


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