Friday, August 21, 2015

High Five Bar Stool Friday

Happy Friday, y'all! I've let a lot of things lapse this summer, including this roundup of my favorite things from the week, otherwise known as the High Five Friday. 

For today I'm going to do something a bit different. Instead of showing you links to five things that caught my attention this week, I'm going to show you five bar stools that I'm considering for our house. 

clockwise from top left: wishbone / tufted / Chippendale / yellow / clear / wire / leather
Did you just glance at the image and see that there are more than five? Well, whatever. I'm not the best at math. Anyway, I know that I want two bar stools which I will place behind our rolling kitchen cart. I envision a place for people to sit while I'm working in the kitchen. Maybe it's where my kids can sit to do their homework or squabble, more likely.

1. Mid-Century Wishbone
I love this style, but they are $245 each, so more than I want to spend.


2. Tufted Linen
This is a better price at $94.99 each plus 10% off and free pickup in store. I love the linen look but am concerned about the tufts, which I refer to as the belly buttons of furniture. 

World Market

Another option with a few more tufts and darker legs is this one from World Market. It's $239.98 for two plus free pickup in store.


3. Chippendale
My favorite of all the styles but at $379 each (but 15% off today only with code MN316C6)  probably not going to happen. Plus, it's not really what I picture in this spot.


4. Sleek Leather
This set comes in either black or white and is $299 for the set of two + $25 shipping.


5. Modern
The Bertoia lookalike (wire mesh) might work, plus I have referral credits to use up.  These are $129.99 each +$20 shipping.

I'm 99% sure I want something with a back but if not these two are fun choices:

 This one is $90 per stool.

And this one is $129 per stool.

Which one is your favorite? (And for those of you wondering, it will go into an area next to this spot).

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