Monday, November 12, 2012

Cold November Rain

The view today

Last month I made a list of my favorite things about Fall, and it helped me to appreciate all the loveliness of this vibrant season even more. By the time November rolls around, though, much of the prettiness of Fall is gone. The leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, the football season has been pretty much lost (for my teams, anyway), and the glitter of Halloween has been packed away.

But there is so much I really do love about November, so here's my countdown to what's great about this month.

1) Patriotism. 
It seems like the most uniquely American month, not only with Election day on the first Tuesday, but Veteran's Day (celebrated today), and Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday.
2) Gratitude.
The month of Thanksgiving has inspired a lot of people to give thanks for what is good in their lives.
3) Thanksgiving food.
Turkey, gravy, casseroles, and lots of different pies. The foods of the harvest are some of my favorites, and I look forward to eating this feast all year.
4) Football and parades.
The Thanksgiving day football game (played by my home team the Detroit Lions, who might still be good??) and the big parade beforehand are traditions to return to year after year.
5) Black Friday shopping.
The excitement of getting up early in the morning to go shopping for deals to give to others, and the anticipation of planning out the trip in advance, is fun.
6) Stillness.
And yet, even with all of the activity around turkey day, there is a stillness in November that I cherish. It's the month between the hustle & bustle of back-to-school/Bela's birthday/Halloween AND December's busy-ness including Griffin's birthday and the countdown to Christmas. I think of it as my breathing space. The landscape adds to this monk-like feeling with its barren trees, crisp air, and gray skies.
7) Cold November rain.
Soon there will be lovely little snowflakes falling all around us, but today I am grateful for the cold November rain, which gets us in the mood to hunker down inside, candles lit and good food baking in the kitchen, to enjoy being together.

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