Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Bookcase

I recently rearranged my bookcase, sorting the books by color. It was a bit of a challenge to apply ROYGBIV, and it may not entirely be how someone else would see the rainbow, but overall I am pleased with the result. 

The top shelf has books with black to grey spines on the left and white to cream spines on the right. In the center is a black & white photo of me and the kids from a few years ago.

The second and third shelves are seen in this photo. I like the way the warmer colors on the second shelf (the golds, reds, and oranges) contrast with the cooler colors on the shelf below (the blues & greens). I end-capped shelf two with a silver dish full of shells from our trip to Marco Island atop a reference book. The yellow flowers on the third shelf balance out the watery blues & greens of the book spines, and refers nicely back to shelf two. 

The bookcase is about six and a half to seven feet tall, and dark wood. It's hard to photograph, which is why this post is so wordy... The bottom two shelves are dedicated to the kids. Since this photo was taken I've switched around the baskets. Now it only holds two of those baskets and they are aligned the other direction; it is much less messy. The bottom shelf has board games.

Currently the bookshelf is in the corner of the living room near the bar. But that is the ideal place for a Christmas tree so it's time to do some re-thinking and moving!

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