Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Relief

Not to be a major downer here, but if I see the words "Cyber Monday" one more time today, I might scream. Do you feel that way?? 

To escape, I organized my Pinterest boards. Did you know that you can now create secret boards? You are allowed up to three. I've tried it and it works, but I can't tell you what they are because it's a secret. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest images from recent days.

This beautiful entryway is not yet decorated for the holiday season. It is simple, symmetrical, and so lovely. 

These chandeliers in Grand Central Station are amazing, aren't they? Whenever I think of Christmas shopping I always think of the beautifully decorated windows in New York City at this time of year. I imagine it's early evening and I am walking down some busy NYC street, Christmas carols are playing in the background, and snow lightly dances around a street light. Too many holiday movies, I think, otherwise where did the soundtrack come from??

I love these window boxes filled with evergreen branches and tied with a simple red ribbon. So easy!

This lamppost with a simple berry wreath looks so inviting, especially with the snowflakes in the background.

If you are rarin' to go shopping online today, Joss & Main has a pretty good little cyber deal. Enter CYBER30 at checkout to get 30% off your purchase. {If you join their site from here, I will get $15 when you make your first purchase. Thanks!}

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