Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A List of Un-Fun Home Improvement Projects

Or Why I Took A Breath Before Buying A Camera Today
Where in the world are those re-organized pantry pictures you might be asking yourself...

Well, to the {long} list of technology items I have broken in my life, I now must add the camera I received for Mother's Day. It may be mere coincidence, but the day I figured out how to change the white balance in the camera so my pics wouldn't have that warm orange glow was also the day it stopped working.  :(  

I trundled off to the office supply store at lunchtime today to buy a new memory card to use either with my old camera or the one lent to me by a friend. Somewhere between here & there, though, I decided that this. is. it! I am buying a DSLR camera today! Not only would it be fun for making before & after photos here on Cosy Carolina, but I could use it at work (we have an event next week) and for family pictures at home. I have the money in the bank so there's no fear of ending up in credit card debt. The list of rationalizations went on and on...

But I also started thinking about home, about who I am accountable to now, and all the things we want to do:
  • The drain field we have to fix in the spring. 
  • All the different elements of refinishing a basement, and the expenses, even with most of it DIY. 
  • Central air conditioning since the current temp of 17 degrees will be a fond memory in the dog days of summer. 
  • Paint for the entire interior (and maybe someone else to do it).
  • The minimum three-months living expenses I want to save to ensure that if I ever lose my job we don't lose the house. 

So I took a breath. I put the camera down and walked away. Albeit with a fairly heavy duty pencil sharpener and these wall-pockets for organizing school papers. Someday I will blog about our home office/homework station. Someday...

The good news??? The pantry is not only organized but staying organized and functioning great!!! It really was worth it. I honestly can't wait to reveal the details!

Since I don't have any awesome pictures for you (yet!), here is a crazy coincidence I found on One Kings Lane today.

The Art Nouveau mirror on the left is EXACTLY like the one that had been my grandmother's when she was growing up. I am guessing our version must be from the late 1920s or early 1930s. ?? You can see it in a variety of places around our house in the two photos on the right. 

I'm in such shock to see it for sale that I haven't decided how I feel about its comeback. What do you think? Has this ever happened to you with a beloved antique?


  1. You have some really expensive things on your list. Our central air was a small fortune. Good luck.

    1. So true, Linda. I'm hoping the a/c won't be too pricey since the house is a newer-build, and I think all the duct work is there. But it might be smarter for me to get some estimates before I make any splurge purchases, even the good camera kind.

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