Friday, January 11, 2013

Organizing: My Project Schedule

A battle is currently being waged in my home--or at least in my mind--over which home project to start first. Both (desperately) need to be done.

Home Office image source
Pantry image source
Tomorrow I'll go to the big box store and stock up on canisters, baskets, and expandable shelves for the pantry. Or, maybe I'll turn the other way out of our driveway and go to the office supply store to buy folders, boxes, and drawer trays for my home office. 

Either way, I have found it helps enormously to have a budget (know how much money I want to spend & what I can afford), take measurements, and have a vision of how I want the space to function and look when it is complete.

Matchbook Magazine
Work-at-home days may become totally glamorous with an organized home office and well-stocked pantry. Who knows?! You have to believe it to be it.

Tonight, though, I am kicked back on the couch listening to the Positively Present playlist. Watching the YouTube video for "Locked Out of Heaven" is almost like being at a fun party... and I get to wear comfy clothes. Happy Friday!

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