Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creation of a Style Board

Like style words, a signature style board can help you figure out what you like in order to give you some inspiration for decorating your space. Check out the fun series from Darlene Weir at Fieldstone Hill Design who has a tutorial on how to make your own collage. {Incidentally, her interior design work is featured in the January issue of Better Homes & Gardens. I cannot even imagine how fun that would be! The day BHG arrives in my mailbox is one of my favorite days of the entire month, and I'm not even in it!!}

Above is my style board. From the images I've chosen you can tell that I like black and white (that sailboat is called the Shamrock, which also reveals my Irish roots), soft sheepskin in layered rooms, hillside castles, pink peonies, coffee, big windows, the outdoors, babies, and the color orange. I feel it is super important to point out that these are images that I "pinned" on Pinterest, and are not original to Cosy Carolina, not even that sweet sweet baby.

Today Cosy Carolina launched its own page on Facebook. I was rewarded by lots of nice friends who "liked" the page. If you haven't yet and you get the chance, please visit Thank you!  :)



  1. Lol, I think we are on the same wave length with our blogs. I just created a Facebook page for mine today! :)


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