Monday, January 7, 2013

Style Words: How To

Remember last week when I talked about style words? Well, I've been mulling over ours, and have come to the conclusion that they don't really get it

So today I am attempting to come up with some new ones, and in the process show you how it's done so you can come up with your own.  :)

1. Haven
Our house is about 20 minutes from where we live in the sense of school, work, and friends. This naturally makes who comes over (or whether anyone comes over at all) a very intentional thing. And just driving away from the regular world to go home each day makes home feel like a refuge. Our safe haven from the frenzy of modern life...

2. Open
The floorplan of our home is open concept: the entry, living room, dining area, and kitchen all open into one another. There are no barriers, each space is accessible to all the others. We are never really apart when we are in this space, which is what I love about our house.

3. Relaxing
We've made relaxing and spending cozy time together a big focal point of our house. The living room is dominated by a large sectional and a big-screen TV. It accurately reflects what we most like to do together and that's spend time with each other.


4. Easy
The reason I love organizing so much is that it makes everything so much easier. I can focus on adding the right amount of vanilla to my recipe, not where in the world the teaspoon is

5. Happy & Playful
This is a home with kids, and the work of children is play. I want them to remember their childhood as happy. And I want to model happiness for them. So happy spaces for them, and fun little touches for me.


Besides the five words above, I notice that I value light bright spaces, neutrals and clean lines, and unexpected twists on the traditional. I want to feel like we are on vacation because our time together is a treasure. Knowing all this, and being able to visualize my style through these words, helps me to figure out what to do next.

So think about YOUR home. What makes it unique? How do you want people to feel in the space? How can your home reflect who you are as a person or family? What are your special interests? How can your style reflect that more?

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