Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: #1

I really love a theme, and since Friday has traditionally been a shopping post, I'm now giving it a name. "Friday I'm in Love" will showcase some of my favorite things for sale.

The inspiration for today's "Friday I'm in Love" is the Island Living Sale on One King's Lane.

Perhaps it's a touch of spring fever (already?! I'm doomed!) or the dream I had the other night about needing a little more color in our house, but this bright sale has got me excited!

Our current color scheme is neutral with high contrast between darks and whites with some blue as an accent color. All of these pieces would be right at home with what we currently have. In fact, the Georgian mirror is very similar to one we already have (except ours is Target, circa 2010).

Some bright sunny yellows would definitely liven things up. I love the shape of these three chairs. The little bits of yellow in the "Swim" print tie it together, while at the same time the turquoise deepens the blue accents we already have.

Wow, the most colorful of all! I love the dragon print pattern on the chair. The neon green butler's tray table and coral tufted ottoman play nicely off of the fabric. The lamp recalls the pattern on the chair, while the shade does the same for the ottoman. The seagrass piece would make a great stool, ottoman, or side table, and I love the pairing of the natural element with the rest of the pieces.

Do you have any favorites from the sale? How are you incorporating color into your spaces?


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