Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Target

Yesterday afternoon I slipped into Target for a little summer clothes shopping. I was thrilled to discover that the colors and patterns I have been loving for my home have shown up on the clothes! And at Target prices!!

I started out with some tees in basic colors. You can never go wrong with black...

Design Stiles via Decor Pad
Or white. If the fit is right...

Emerald green is almost a staple in my wardrobe by now. Not to mention it is the Pantone color of the year.

Simple Details Blog

I bought one pair of longer shorts in a deep jewel tone. They are flashy on their own, but can almost exist as a neutral under the right top. Kind of like this beautiful chest of drawers.

It helps to think about the beach while you are shopping for summer clothes. To hear seagulls and waves from deep in your soul.

Lilly Pulitzer
Blue & green plaid make the perfect backdrop for Bermuda shorts. A navy polka dot ribbon belt makes it especially preppy.

And then there is mint...

South Shore Decorating Blog
I won't lie to you. Mint was the color I had gone in search of, but I came up nearly empty-handed in the store. The shorts were a bit too short. The tank was the wrong shape (even though an identical one in navy looked fine...). 

Addicted to Decorating
Sadly, mint is a color best left for my home.

But I do like how mint looks with fuchsia/magenta (which is another color I'm just crazy about right now.)
South Shore Decorating Blog
I love the interplay of color and pattern. It can be fun when you are designing a room or creating an outfit.

Polka dots rule! Quite a lot of my haul include items that were "spotted".

Better Homes & Gardens

I also bought a light-weight summer button-down shirt in a quatrefoil pattern similar to the bedside lamp above. 

How are you getting ready for summer? Do tell!

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  1. Hello Again Carrie! I love your photos, so many inspirational choices, designs and colors. ~Dana


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