Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Houses: Summer Vacation

I am taking a brief break from the massive unpacking that still has to occur in my office to post about our summer plans.  

During the summer the kids have a different custody schedule than they do during the school year.  Beginning last year, when Bela was five and Griff was nine, they spend a week at each house, switching on Friday afternoons. 

So besides planning my work schedule around field trips & class parties, stocking up on Scholastic books & swimsuits, and arranging for summer camp & sleepovers, I am thinking about how to survive my part-time empty nest.

I think I've got some pretty good ideas, including...
  • a stack of summer reading
  • surprise re-do's of Griffin & Bela's bedrooms
  • prepping our house for sale
  • lots of time with my lovey
  • a Happier-at-Home happiness project
  • and DIYs galore {in fact, this weekend I plan to get out my gold leaf rub 'n buff for the fabulous Darlene's first-ever link party!}
Bonfires, BBQs, berry picking, and beach-time with my babies will make up the rest of the summer. 

Yes, divorce sucks. But so do lots of things beyond our control, even some of them very good, positive things. It all depends on your perspective. And we get a choice in how we see the world. I'll be trying to remember to make my choice rosy this summer.


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