Monday, May 13, 2013

Kitchen Week

Did everyone have a lovely Mother's Day? I so hope you did...and if you didn't then please imagine I am giving you the most gigantic hug to make it all alright...

Anyhoo, as I mentioned in my Saturday post, the ladies of my family (including the little ladies--ages 3, 6, & 7) shoppppped on Saturday. I finally got to visit Anthropologie in person where Bela & Grandma bought me a sweet blue-green bubble necklace and I bought some summer tops. Bela and her cousin (actually the daughter of my cousin. So second-cousins? Cousins-once-removed? I'm not sure...) were really precious to watch as they shared a dressing room at Justice and made identical Build-a-Bears. 

Yesterday I still had to pick up dirty laundry that didn't make it to (or anywhere near) the hamper, break up sibling squabbles, and repeatedly remind them to brush their teeth. But it was all good because it's all part of the job title, I suppose. AND I got a nap. That helps a TON with my mood. 

A Real Hoot Cookie Jar / Crossed Spoons Plate Stand / Poppy Ring Brownie Dish /
Half-Dozen Egg Crate
Anyhoo, I have decided that this is Kitchen Week here on Cosy Carolina. Now for the most part, my kitchen is simply a place for pretty dishes and clear counters. To say I am not a gourmet is an understatement. There's a good reason this is not a foodie blog... When 5 o'clock rolls around, I tend to freak inwardly about what's for dinner.I mean, really, are there three more frightening words in the English language?! 

Which is probably why I have become Phil's little sous chef as well as the more-than-occasional dessert preparer of our house. The other night, however, he was out and I was on my own. Not wanting to be reliant on a man for everything, I made the most simple yet delicious meal of my life! It was so easy that I am sharing it with you all. 

Dinner in less than 20 minutes.
No Recipe. No Planning. Just GOOOD.
I threw some chicken breasts under the broiler for about 10 minutes, then literally tossed them in BBQ sauce when done (Tupperware bowl with lid and shake, shake, shake). While they were in the oven, I chopped up a cucumber and tossed it with grape tomatoes sliced in half to make a fake Lebanese salad. I also fried up some frozen hash browns on the stovetop. Voila!

Check back all week for more kitchen inspiration (mostly the non-recipe kind) and my very first giveaway!

Ciao! Or Chow! For now...


  1. love kitchen week! Love kitchen gadgets; Meal sounds yummy will have to remember when I am stuck for something for dinner.


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