Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sneak Peek of My Inspiration For Ann-Marie's Room

I sent the e-design for Ann-Marie's room off to her yesterday, quite possibly the quickest I have ever turned anything around.  :)  She will be posting about it on her blog next week. But until then, I thought I'd give all of you a little sneak peek of my inspiration.

1. Window couch...

Kind of like a window seat. But how does a couch directly in front of the windows look in real life? Check out these inspiration photos!

The window in this room frames the sofa, giving it a larger scale, that I like. The pair of matching chairs is also perfection--more on that later.  :)

Pure Home

Here is another example of a sofa placed in front of the window. The light from the window creates a little bit of a halo effect that I like. Angelic seating...

2. A pair of chairs...

As I mentioned with the orange & blue room above, I love the effect of a pair of matching chairs. Here are a few more examples.

Matchbook {image 8}
Not only does this room have great symmetry in the matching armchairs, but the mirror in between them creates an interesting focal point. 

1212 Decor {image 13}

Chairs are a companionable option in a space that will be used for entertaining. A sofa creates a much deeper sense of intimacy since you are sitting cheek-to-cheek with the person next to you. However, a set of chairs provides some distance while still allowing you to have a conversation with your companion. Perfect for entertaining the boss or in-laws.

3. Bookcase bar...

And any room that serves as a space for entertaining also needs a bar.

The Coveteur

You only need a single shelf to hold some spirits and glassware. If you are not a drinker, then a pitcher of ice water and a plate of cookies.

Yellow Cape Cod
The point of the bookcase bar is not to party like a college freshman but to offer your guests a chance to wet their whistle without interrupting the flow of conversation.

Confession time: I came up with the ideas first and then found the images. Less inspiration, more justification for my suggestions, I suppose. What do you think??? Do you have a dedicated space for entertaining guests in your house? {We sure don't!}


  1. I've been working on incorporating some of your ideas! I'm so excited to show you the end product!

  2. This is exciting. Oh I can hardly wait to see how it finally looks.

  3. Hi Carrie! I can't wait to see Ann-Marie's new room. I think your ideas are fabulous!


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