Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lessons Learned from Moving

Martha Stewart
I am moving offices at work! Today is the Big Day! 

My new office is in the same building and basically just across the hall from where I have been working. But, it is part of a suite, full of really nice fun people. AND it has a window that looks out on a grassy space. Pure heaven for an outdoor soul like mine!

Today is also the "day" that four years ago I got the keys to my new life as a free woman {it's not the exact date but that too was the Tuesday after Memorial Day}. 

There are some similarities between those two moves. Like no moving truck, just me carrying little boxes in heels and a skirt. I went on to move once more within a year--after buying the house we have now--which has provided me with some insights on how to move with as little stress as possible.

1. Do a little at a time.
In both cases, I packed and moved a little bit at a time. A box here and another there adds up over a span of time. It also makes it more manageable physically if you are working on your own.

2. Get rid of what no longer serves you.
This is a fantastic time to go through your things with a critical eye. What do you need/what can you live without?

3. Achieve tiny goals.
It makes the process more fun to set little goals like "I will clear out the rest of my files by lunchtime" or "how much of my storage unit can I fit in my car?".

4. But make big plans.
Once I get to the new office, I intend to go through all of my files. I plan to accomplish this by touching each piece of paper once--actually looking at what it is and then filing it away.

5. Always stay flexible.
I have an overall idea of how I want things to look once a space is put together, but I also try to keep my mind open enough that I can relish the unexpected. In fact, I think this is one of the secrets of confident decorating. Sometimes I set something down and it just looks good where it is, even though I may never ever in a million years have planned it there.


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