Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Comfy Seat

A few years ago the brilliant brains at MIT, Harvard, and Yale published a study that showed when people sit on a soft cushioned chair they are more generous whereas a hard wooden chair makes them more strict. I read this in Bruce Feiler's book The Secrets of Happy Families which has a ton more provocative tidbits like this and is written in an engaging way.

For sure I like the look  of a soft cushioned seat at the table. In particular, I like banquettes. A banquette is defined as a long upholstered bench, sometimes built-in, often against a wall.

This is a nice built-in version of a banquette from Better Homes & Gardens with a mix of hard and soft seats.

Proving you don't need to have carpentry skills to have a banquette is this inspiring room from Saffronia Baldwin. Even if you are not in love with the mint and orange color scheme, you can be inspired by the way they have pulled a small loveseat up to the table. In fact, someone in my mom's group was just giving away a little bench like this...

This little charmer from the One King's Lane blog is not against the wall or built-in. The nook also features a round table and hard-surfaced chairs that have been softened with throw pillows.

This banquette from Elle Decor features a leather seat, which is more easily washable in homes where messes are likely to occur. 

My #1 takeaway tip:

Spills happen! Make sure your fabric is washable. Besides leather or vinyl, outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella work great. You can even use a shower curtain to make your own cushion. And absolutely no tufting--they are the belly buttons of upholstered furniture!

For more dining room inspiration, check out my Pinterest board.


  1. I didn't think I liked banquettes, but I like these. You have opened my eyes to new styles. And I really like the orange & green

  2. I am looking at outdoor fabric right now for my living room. It has come a long way.


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