Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lighten Up!

One of the things my client/friend and I are going to be talking about when we meet is how to lighten up some of the spaces in her new home. I feel like there are so many good options for making a space feel lighter & brighter! Here is a quick overview...

Choose light colors
I know this one is the most obvious. White or light colored walls and furniture have the biggest impact on how bright a room feels.

Elizabeth Metcalfe via Live Simply by Annie

Mostly bright whites with a hit of contrast like this pop of bright color or a darker wood tone can also make a room feel much brighter. And it avoids making the space seem washed out.

Style at Home
How things feel has an important effect on the lightness & brightness of a room, too. This element can be brought in through the accessories, window treatments, and floor coverings.

White, light-weight curtains take your eye right to the source of light: the windows.

At Home Arkansas via Mix and Chic
The sisal stair runner radiates light up from the floor.
With Love from Kat
And when all else fails, mirrors! Mirrors bounce the light around a room better than anything else. I'm excited to see what this new house has to offer and to see what we come up with!


  1. Love this post Carrie-- great roundup!

  2. This made me what to "whiten" up my interiors!


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