Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday I'm in Love: Real Estate

Recently I mentioned that one of my projects this summer would be prepping our house for sale. And probably a bunch of you went "What? They're moving?!" 

So here's the scoop... Our house is in a teensy village 20-30 minutes from the state capitol. Which means it is 20-30 minutes from my work, the kids' school, all of our friends, and now Phil's work, too.

I do love our house, and most of the time I don't mind the commute. Carrie-oke, anyone? But life would be so. much. easier if we lived where we live. Know what I mean?

The move--if it is to happen--is contingent upon selling our house. I have no idea how real estate does in our rural neck of the woods so that could be a stumbling block. Real estate is moving very quickly lately where we want to live. Lightning fast, really. Which could make finding our dream home a frustrating proposition.

But it's still so fun to look at houses online and to imagine what I would do to them if we got the keys.

At the tippy-top of the price range is this house. On the way to school and near friends, it's in a perfect location. I u-turned to see this house the other day, and I really think the exterior is more attractive than this pic represents. I also LOVE that the entry opens into its own area.
While I like the traditional exterior of this house, the neutral kitchen, and "wow" sunroom, I think this is one that Bela and I drove past the other day and vetoed. 

This is actually the second most expensive house in the list. It's in the most desirable neighborhood, in my opinion. But it's so darn funky. I don't know if you can really tell from these small photos but there's a lot of vibrant color in here, among other things. The window treatments in the dining room look like good quality, though, and the sunshine in the sunroom is divine.

The least expensive house in the line-up, I'm not sure where this house is; it's a neighborhood I am not familiar with. I would definitely do a room flip between the dining room & living room because I cannot stand the front door opening right into where I am relaxing.
This last one is mid-priced and a nice area but only two bedrooms (obviously a no-go!). The kitchen is crazy but I think I could work with it (maybe chalkboard paint on those white panels??). And I just love the sun porch.

By the time we list our house and get ready to buy, these houses will be long gone. But it's been a great exercise. Not only do we have a much better idea of what's available in our price range, I now know how much I like two-story traditionals, sunrooms, and formal entries.

What are your must-haves in a new home?

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