Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Reading List

Pinkalicious & Peter paper dolls dancing in a bowl of seashells

Tomorrow is the last day of school!

And to ensure that my little scholars don't lose all they've worked so hard to learn, I'm thinking about how to keep them reading this summer. I stocked up on books that they'll both like and have downloaded the forms for our local library's reading program. 

I am also hoping that by seeing me reading I'll be setting a good example. My stack of books includes fiction and nonfiction, Kindle and paperback. Some books I've had forever and are beloved old favorites; others are borrowed from the library.

First up is the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Phil and I read the first one together last year on vacation. We competed to finish the second one this spring (I lost), however, it ended so provocatively that I cannot wait to begin #3!

Michael Pollan's Food Rules should be interesting. A slim & straight-forward handbook for simple eating, I think that I'll get through it easily enough, and perhaps even be inspired to drop the Twinkie.

The rest of the books on the big pile include Jane Austen's Persuasion, Water for Elephants (finally), Forming Intentional Disciples (faith-based), Reading Lolita in Tehran, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (vintage copy!), and Happier at Home (again). 

I borrowed this gorgeous book from the library. It's an entertaining book (and a book about entertaining including recipes) written by the late fashion maven Lilly Pulitzer. I'll be joining up with the Style Soiree hosted by Southern State of Mind (and other bloggers) next week. They're the people who hosted the Kate Spade party last month.

An inside image from the Lilly Pulitzer book. Isn't the artwork so great?!

One more from the library... The way this author has approached the idea of creating a happy family by talking to experts in fields other than parenting is pretty awesome.

And to keep my little family happy, a few books for us to enjoy together.

Griff did a project on Ben Franklin this year and I absolutely loved learning more about him.

One of my all-time childhood favorites, I have just started reading The Secret Garden to Bela at bedtime. Although it's much more grim than I remember, I think she's enjoying it.

But now I'm off to watch the boob tube. :)

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