Monday, August 12, 2013

A House Called Four Potties

Happy Monday! It's gray and rainy here today but I had such a fantastic weekend not even the gloomy weather can bring me down. We had two showings this weekend, celebrated my lovey's birthday, and gambled and pigged out at this beautiful casino.

Despite my best intentions I have found a house that I am smitten with! The kids and I refer to it as "Four Potties." The name has a certain ring to it, I think, like Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water." Of course, our name is also accurate because the house has two full and two half baths. Get out! Does it get better than that?!

Anyway, it's in an absolutely perfect location, and if I had tried, I don't think I could have found something that fits all our wishes the way this one does... But our house has to sell first, and chances are good this one will be long gone by then. Not to mention it's a tad over our fiscally-wise yet modest budget.

But that hasn't stopped me from decorating it in my mind. I spied this (pickled?) dining set on Craig's List this weekend, which I just think would be totally perfect in the space. 

I like it's modern 1960s look. It has really nice lines, has been well-cared for, and opens up to be huge (seen above). Since it was made with aprons on the inserted leaves, there's no visual gap. The pale orange cushions could be replaced, although for now they coordinate well with the wild orange wall-to-wall carpet that's there.

combined living room/dining room in "Four Potties"

There is also this piece, which would work nicely in a dining room. Oh, how I could fill those drawers with china, stemware, table linens, and more! Not to mention the top could hold a ton of liquor bottles for a pretty swanky bar. All for $75 obo.


I am thinking of something along these lines for the bar...


Apartment Therapy
That tile is pretty much to die for too, no? I would love to use something like that as the backsplash in the kitchen of this place.

Do you see my vision, or do you think I've lost my mind? Do tell!


  1. Love the title of the house! I wish you luck, maybe it's going to saved just for you since youre already imagining some love in there! Love that sideboard for the bar. Good luck sweetie!
    xo Nancy

  2. I like it!!! the dining set is fab!! and I like the inspiration for the bar!

  3. Just keep saying, "it always works out for the best"...and believe it. I am so happy we did not buy the home we were going to buy before this one....and then, this one came along. I see your vision and it looks really fun. Good luck.

  4. That dining set is so cool! I agree that you have a great vision and it will be fun to watch you proceed!


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