Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dream(ing of) Home

To keep me going through late nights roaming the aisles of home improvement stores, I dream about what features are new home will have.

First, and foremost, we (at least the kids and I) hope it is a two-story. 

Daniel Contelmo Architects in NY via Georgiana Design
We don't need anything quite this grand, but it certainly is lovely to have an "upstairs."

Meg Braff via Hamptontoes
I don't need a butler's pantry, but a kitchen where we can spread out would be nice. Marble countertops, white cabinetry, and some fabulous light fixtures wouldn't hurt, either. 

Tia Zoldan via Modern Palm Blog
Of course, I'm pretty sure that no matter what kind of dining situation we end up with, I will have a banquette.

And, of course, lots and lots of windows. Drama windows where we eat our cereal. Drama windows in the living room...

Architectural Digest
Maybe even drama windows near my bubbles...

Built-in bookcases to style and to store all my books. A fireplace for Santa to slide down the chimney every December. Leopard-printed anything...

Allen Kirsch and Associates
A sunroom, a pool (why not? I am dreaming), and lots of big, beautiful trees...

Howie Guja via Cargo Collective
And one of these gates in our backyard.

It all adds up to a little slice of Heaven. 

What features are a must in your dream home?


  1. love the images and the dreams! wishing you much success as you search for a home.

  2. I have never sen any of those images! They are all AMAZING!! It's fun to dream :)


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