Friday, August 30, 2013

End of Summer

I'm at work today, rocking a white lace dress for the last time before Labor Day, hot pink flip flops since it is still summer AND nearly the weekend, with my Fall nail color already on my toes. Follow me on Instagram to see more of the Life.

Here's a little wonderful song for the end of summer. Happy long weekend!!


  1. I'm wearing summmer clothes for as long as I can. This year in the UK it has been a good summer (last year it rained so often!) I appreciate your comment and I just noticed you are my newest follower too - thank you. I've just been reading a few of your previous posts and now I'm following you too.

  2. Happy long weekend! Part of me wants summer to last forever.....another part just needs these kids to go back to school. Haha!


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