Thursday, August 29, 2013

TV Time

"We've got nothin' better to do / than watch TV / and have a couple of brews."
punk band Black Flag (c. 1982)

September. It's right around the corner. Back-to-school. Football games. Falling leaves. Warm wooly sweaters and tall leather boots. 

And, for me, the start of a new TV season!

I believe you can have a stylish room and your TV, too. Here's the proof...

via Calling it Home

If you follow Linda's blog (and you should!) then you probably saw this gorgeous room earlier this week. Is there anything more perfect than a velvety-soft sectional and a TV over the fireplace? I don't think so.

via Wayfair

When the fire is burning, you don't have to choose where to look, if your TV is mounted above the fireplace.

via Rose & Hudson
Flank it with a pair of brass swing-arm sconces for a classic look. High Street Market has a nice one here.

via Home Idea Maker

The only issue is where are the components? The DVD player/Playstation/XBox and cable or satellite box? Often with a fireplace you might have a built-in bookcase next to the fireplace that would be suitable. Otherwise, you have to get creative. 

via BHG
In this case, the mantel was deep enough to allow the cable or satellite box to sit under the TV.
via House Beautiful
Scale is important. This TV is relatively small, but it is the same width as the opening of the fireplace below it.

via The Hunted Interior
If you don't have a fireplace, or yours doesn't allow for a good solution for the components, use a console instead.

via Decor Pad
Or, create a built-in cabinet effect. I love how restful this feels with the addition of books around the TV.

We use our DVR to watch our favorite shows when it's convenient for us to do so (like after the kids' bedtime). These are the returning shows I am most looking forward to watching again.

Elementary: CBS
Person of Interest: CBS
Revolution: NBC
Modern Family: ABC
Mike & Molly: CBS
Raising Hope: Fox

As well as sports galore. If you are a football fan (or love one), you should really look into Direct TV and the NFL Sunday ticket. Let me know if you want a referral code. You will get $10 off your bill for you and I will get $10 off my bill for me. Win-win!
We also have family TV time. Last year (or is this the third season??) we fell in love with Once Upon a Time on ABC. Since it's been on break this summer, we have started watching this old gem from the late '90s:

Seventh Heaven
Truth be told, I had gotten so sick of the stupid parents on the kids' favorite Disney shows that I threw this in the DVD player one day out of frustration, not expecting or caring if Griff and Bela would like it. I just needed to see some good old fashioned values for a change, ya know? Anyway, the good news is that they LOVE it and beg to watch it. Now we are all singing, "Where can you go when the world won't treat you right? The answer is home. That's the one place that you'll find ... seventh heaven."

So, tell me, what are you going to be watching this Fall? 


  1. 7th Heaven - my favorite show!
    Great post

  2. Oooh love the one with the built in effect via Decor Pad! Now my mind is spinning with possibilites for my family room! Thank you!


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