Friday, August 16, 2013

BIG News

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I am getting married!!!!!

Pottery Barn via Between Naps on the Porch
So sorry to show you all a winter scene, but I just had to do it because I actually clipped this page from a Pottery Barn catalog in the days before Pinterest--and not all that long after Phil and I had started dating--because I liked that it says "Sampson House" above the door. Can you see it?? That's what my new last name will be, as of sometime next year. The link has quite the story about the house (which is actually in California) and a tutorial on how to make the ornament-covered garland, too.

But since it is still summer how about a few of my favorite wedding-related movies and books?

Clockwise from top left: Polish Wedding, a weird movie filmed in Detroit that I never miss on IFC; Wedding Night, a novel by the author of the Shopaholic series; Monsoon Wedding, a beautiful party movie set in India; and The Magic Room, written by late Michigan author Jeffrey Zaslow about a wedding dress shop near where I live.

We have about a year until the big day so I'm sure I will be writing about this again and in more detail, but for now, I am just so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

p.s. The last image is from my secret board on Pinterest. So secret I couldn't even give it a proper name when I set it up. It's just called B&W, which is short for Babies and Weddings. There are no babies on the horizon (good golly don't you think we have enough going on with a house for sale and a house to purchase?!?), I just didn't want to put the baby carriage before the altar if you know what I mean. All of which is a moot point if I don't make the board public... So who wants to see it?


  1. Congratulations! Very excited for you! I want to see the secret board! :)

  2. Congratulations - cant wait to see all the planning :-)

  3. Congratulations!! Enjoy this happy time :)

  4. Congrats, Carrie! What an exciting time for you, it will be fun to follow along with your new adventures! :)

  5. Congratulations! Just came across your blog and it's lovely :)

  6. OMG Carrie! congratulations to you! What great news:) enjoy the planning!!

  7. Hello Carrie,
    Congrats on getting married! How exciting for you! I love home decor so found your blog just through blog hopping. I am a new follower. I invite you to come visit me if you get a moment! Looking forward to following along with your wedding plans!

  8. Aww, Carrie congratulations! I am so happy for you. This will be fun to follow. The next year is going to fly by for you.

  9. Congratulations! This will be such an exciting time for you!

  10. Congratulations! This will be such an exciting time for you!


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