Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch More TV

Friends!! I have been sooooo sick. In fact, I just hacked up a lung coughed and really I still am sick. But I can breathe through my nose and think about design again, and that makes me happy!

Besides drinking mass amounts of honey lemon tea, I have been cleaning out my DVR for the past few days. While I've confessed my love of TV before, I really don't have shows that are just "for me." The kids and Phil and I all watch shows together. Mostly things that they choose. {I did get so sick of the idiotic parents and general meanness on a lot of "kids" programming that we are now in season six of Seventh Heaven, TV's longest running family drama about a minister and his family of seven. I don't know what we'll do when that's done, other than campaign to bring it back. The kids from the show are all grown, most of them married. It could be great! Justin Timberlake could guest star...}

I digress. Anyway, I never would have just turned on HGTV and sat there watching a marathon of Love it or List it or Property Brothers. Until this past weekend! And my kids enjoyed it! Bela, especially, seemed to be enthralled with Sarah Richardson. It is so cute to hear her telling her brother and Phil about something that Sarah and Tommy did, in her sweet-as-sugar little voice. She also cleaned both her room and Griffin's! And G actually said he was glad I shared something I like with him. {No fever! These were NOT hallucinations!}

Candice Olsen
I saved my store of Candice Tells All for today. Back in the day, I used to look forward to Divine Design all week long. It was on Saturday nights at 9:30 p.m. But, lately, I just haven't been loving her rooms. Too much icy blue, too many knickknacks. Anyway, I had to change my mind when I saw this master bedroom makeover.

I love the way she uses color and pattern (the topic of the show), and I am THRILLED by the wallpaper. After some Internet searching, I've found it.  Drumroll, pleeeease!!!

It's an oversized lotus pattern by Farrow & Ball, offered in 14 different colors from Paint and Paper, a UK company. Maybe you can get it elsewhere. Maybe everyone in the blogosphere has already seen it and is so over it. But my tea is cold and I'm ready for another tissue (I went through a box a day during the worst of it, by the way.) 

What do you think? Do you love it? 

And do you watch TV shows that you like when the kids are around? It just seems like such a martyr-mother thing NOT to (although I did pass on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, my other guilty pleasure).


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Yup, I love it and I love most of Candice's work! My kitchen, I think, was inspired by her works! LoL! Indulge me a bit here.. Anyway, enjoy your shows I'm currently watching SCANDAL (cheesy and impossible, but hey, that's why it's TV right? P and waiting on Downton Abbey's return. :-)

  2. I do like that wallpaper. Kind of reminds me of the wallpaper I had in the dining room many, many years ago. Hope you are feeling better. And I would love at least a 7th Heaven reunion


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