Monday, February 3, 2014

Blue & White Neutral

Please visit the Pink Pagoda's Blue & White Bash for lots of gorgeous interpretations of blue and white (and vote for our host in the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame here!)


Here is my interpretation of blue and white.

There are three small windows next to my front door. 

Since we moved in, I hadn't really known how to "dress" these windows. 

I also knew that I wanted to use a collection of blue & white (or imitation Delftware) somewhere

I love win-win solutions!

I went to Hobby Lobby and paid less than $50 for these three pieces. The most expensive was the ginger jar on the bottom (which if I had remembered the 40% off coupon from their website would have made my total price even less). The smaller jar and candlestick on the upper shelves were both on sale for 50% off.

I like the cohesiveness that the repeating pattern creates for this area. To make sure that none of the pieces were too large, I used my iPhone to measure before I went to the store. The width was a bit over one horizontal iPhone wide.

The rug is new. I ordered it from IKEA and it arrived over the weekend. It's a perfect size for our entry at just a bit over 4x6. It's great at absorbing the snow we track in. 

And we have a lot of snow!! This is the pile at the end of our driveway, with a seven-year-old to demonstrate just how high the pile is. All that snow is why I paid for shipping on the IKEA rug.


  1. Lovely! I will have to check my local Hobby Lobby to add to my collection! Love you blog....I am a new follower.

  2. Can't believe you found those at hobby lobby! great finds -- look great!

  3. Love your Hobby Lobby find, Carrie! You're so awesome to send people to vote for me -- I appreciate that so much!! And thank you also for linking up today! Jennifer

  4. Well she looks happy with the snow. I love how you dressed those windows. Such a creative solution. I have never been to a Hobby Lobby. They are not in my area. Great find.

  5. Love it! blue and white is my all time favorite color combo. And they look great in the windows! And now we know what was in the package from yesterday's post.

    1. That's not all that was in that big box, crazygramma! :) I'll have to post about the rest another day...

  6. loving the blue and white! my post from yesterday has a lot of the same... new follower xxd&m

  7. Absolutely brilliant!!! Your front door is beautiful!

    The Glam Pad

  8. Love those jars in the windows...what a great idea! ~dana

  9. Beautiful collection. Did you see Emily's new blue and white lamps the other day?


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