Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sugar sugar

My tongue is numb. I had to have two small cavities filled today. Not the first, but I dearly hope the last. 

This is the first year in my remembrance that heart health warnings have advised against too much sugar. Which means that my sugar-laden diet that results in cavities might be taking a toll on my ticker, too. 

Perhaps instead I can get my sugar rush through pink things??

Like sweet little rainboots splashing in a spring puddle.

Or buckets full of peonies. I could at least treat myself to a small arrangement for my table.

The original color of our front door was pink. 

Although on this snow-annoying day I would prefer that our front door was somewhere with palm trees.

Pink pillows could be used in the bedroom or on the sofa.

Pink sofas sadly might be too much so maybe just a brightly colored orchid?

A touch of pink on some wallpaper somewhere.

Maybe I really can live without sugar??


  1. It would be near impossible for me to give up sugar, but I could maybe be persuaded with a pink door!

  2. I could never give up sugar! These images makes me long for spring so much!!


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