Monday, February 17, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Day

I wasn't planning to post today. It's mid-winter break and I am enjoying the extra long weekend with my kids. I also have a looming deadline at work and a wedding to plan and yada yada yada.

But then I logged into Facebook this morning and discovered that it's Random Acts of Kindness Day. In our community (East Lansing, Michigan), "kindness day" has been dedicated to a sweet little boy who lost his battle with cancer in December. I am one of the few, I think, who doesn't directly know the family, but it's impossible not to care about them and want to help.

So at the grocery store this morning when the self-checkout got jammed up by a little helper who over-enthusiastically moved a bag too soon, rather than sigh loudly and act like a jerk, I thought about being kind. Sometimes all it takes is a smile in a tense moment. 

We ended up having enough time between our grocery trip and my daughter's playdate to stop at Starbucks. I wanted a coffee, but I really really wanted to pay for the drink of the person behind me in the drive-thru line. Somewhat coincidentally, the building had been a Burger King when I was in college, and I remember the driver ahead of me paying for my meal one broke night. My kids got to see her happy, surprised smile. Maybe she'll be thinking of it when she's a mom? Who knows!

I'm not sure what else I will do for #KindnessforCharlie day, but it's a lot of fun thinking of ways to be kind. And such a big happiness boost once you do something for someone else. I hope this becomes a movement--a way to re-set and be a little nicer than yesterday and a little better tomorrow. 

Are you doing anything nice today? Want to share in the comments??

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  1. I love random acts of kindness! When I used to travel I-95 in-between Philly and DC weekly, I would pay the toll for myself and the car behind me and it always made me smile. Thanks for reminding me that I need to find a new way to pass along some kindness!


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