Monday, February 24, 2014

Downton Withdrawals?

I rolled out of bed early Saturday morning to go into the office. But when I got there couldn't access the suite. Rather than feel upset about what I couldn't get done, I decided to roll with it. A morning spent with Lord & Lady Grantham instead of going through financials? Yes, please!

I love the aesthetic of the sets, the relationships of the different characters on the show,  and the music. It just looks like perpetual spring. Lady Grantham and I are most alike, I think, which is not surprising since our birthdays are only one day apart. 


Technically, though, I am an ENFJ personality and according to this chart most like Lady Sybil. Do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality is? I think it is so fascinating! 

{Don't say a word about what this scene relates to: I haven't watched last night's season finale yet.}

Moving on... have you played the game "Unblock It"? I saw it over the holidays and think it applies well to what I needed to do in the basement. Everything that didn't have a home when we moved in got shoved down there. Which is pretty much exactly what I did in our old house, too. In this house, though, we are on multi-levels so it was much more apparent how haphazardly I had stored things.

I instagrammed my progress. It took about two hours, and is really just phase one. But my seven-year-old noticed immediately! 

I also decided to write out a list of projects since all my favorite shows are ending and I'll need something to do. 

1. Basement: Properly pack away holiday ornaments, stack tubbies neatly, decide what can be donated or discarded.
2. Replace dining room drapes with blinds.
3. Create a plate wall on dining room wall.
4. Style TV credenza.
5. Print large format photos for frames.
6. Layout family photo gallery. Hang family photo gallery.
7. Stencil long wall in powder room.
8. Trim out sheers in bedrooms.
9. Paint (master, Bela's room, bathroom).
10. Replace baseboards in bathroom.
11. Build mantel over fireplace. 
12. Find wallpaper for area by back door.
13. Wall hangings in master bedroom.

Out of my head and into the world. Are you bummed when your favorite shows end for the season, or I am just the ultimate couch potato? :)


  1. I just finished watching the last episode and I'm suffering too! Let's just say it's not as dramatic as the end of season 3, but still makes me crave for so much more!

  2. I am that way too...I'm actually a DWTS fan and am eagerly awaiting the spring season to start although I heard there are some major changes.


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