Friday, February 21, 2014


I have a to-do list as long as my arm and am developing a twitch under my left eye. So the last place I should be right now is here. Yet, there's no way you live to enjoy your golden years without finding some meaning in life. And this is it for me (besides my family and friends, of course).

Some things on my mind this Friday.

Eames Reproduction on eBay
We lit a fire in the fireplace last night and I pulled our old recliner up next to it to enjoy the light and warmth. How much more awesome would it have been in a reproduction Eames chair, though? I found this on eBay while pricing out the one that is for sale in my hometown. I have no idea if it's even for sale anymore, but it was a decent price, which is why I can't get it off my mind.

Rain boots are a fashion must-have. I am seeing them everywhere lately. Maybe it was just the thundersnow yesterday, but I'm hoping my spring fever means that tulips and chirping birds are right around the corner. Spring has to come sometime, right?

via 100 Layer Cake
And then after spring, summer and our wedding! Less than five months now. I have to "propose" to the rest of my bridesmaids this weekend, plus send back the DJ contract, contact the florist and caterer, and make sure we really truly are on the books for the baker. But, I met with my wedding coordinator this week and we are in agreement about black & white stripes for the table. Gorgeous, no?!

In a few weeks, Phil and I will also meet with our church couple for some pre-marital counseling. I am not totally sure what it will entail (since the first time I got married it was not religious), but I so hope that they are a little bit like this couple

By the way, do you know your love language? I am pretty sure mine is words of affirmation (which is why I'm so delighted when you comment! :) I also heard about this quiz on the radio this week, and while it was right on for where I am from, I'm so wishing I was somewhere with pineapple rain.

Happy Friday!

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