Monday, May 5, 2014

Blue and White for Lovers

This month Mitch and Cam of Modern Family will be the first gay couple to get married on network television! In honor of their nuptials (and because I spent the weekend registering for my own wedding) I am dedicating today's post to gifting a blue & white collection and linking up with the Pink Pagoda's May bash. Please head over there to visit all of the other blue and white inspiration!

The first choice for a wedding gift in the blue & white family is something with the double happiness symbol. According to Jan-Erik Nilsson, an expert on Chinese pottery and porcelain, the Chinese character "shuang xi" is the recognized symbol for "wedded bliss." Furthermore, the decoration of sweet pea vines symbolizes "forever" and "many children."

An eBay search for "double happiness jar" can help you find an antique gift, or you can purchase a beautiful new jar in our host's shop or a set from Wisteria. I also really dig that platter from Wayfair!

Christies / Amazon / Overstock
An umbrella stand is a great wedding gift in lieu of something more traditional. It has the weight and heft of a crystal vase, but with the added height and interest of a ginger jar (at generally a lower price point). Ginger jars are awesome, though and can be purchased here, here, and vases here.
Bed Bath & Beyond

The oldest china pattern still in production is Blue Willow. This platter is from Bed Bath & Beyond; however, Blue Willow is sold just about everywhere (Overstock, JCP, even Wal-Mart); prices can vary so it pays to shop around.

Crate and Barrel
This plate from Marimekko is mid-century modern, but might play nice with Blue Willow for a little pattern love across the centuries. Crate and Barrel's site says it is not available for purchase online but it is available on the Marimekko site (which is worth a look for its own sake).
There are so many gorgeous blue and white patterns for dishes including the aforementioned Blue Willow and Marimekko. I also like this one from Horchow which feels to me both classic and modern at the same time.

Zinc Door
And speaking of both classic and modern, these batik cocktail napkins are a great example. Table linens are sometimes overlooked but are a good way to fortify a blue and white collection.

Don't forget a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers!
Crate and Barrel
Whether your loved ones enjoy a spot of tea--or not--you might like this pretty little teapot. The pattern feels a lot more modern as does the shape. Mixed with more traditional pieces, I think it would be a fun addition to a blue and white collection. If you can find it, that is. It's only available from the Crate and Barrel outlet now. 
If you do like tea, then you might want this electric teakettle with an ikat print.

Another modern take on blue and white for weddings would be a personalized Lucite tray with the couple's new monogram, initial, or last name. I especially like this one from Le Papier Studio in Chicago.

Bliss Home & Design /Amaryllis Bulb Co. / Source Collection
Planters bring us back to the traditional pattern. Aren't these lovely? And what a wonderful way to celebrate a new marriage by giving a beautiful gift that will grow!

What is your favorite wedding gift that you have received or given?


  1. great post! i'm a collector of double happiness :) love the symbol and every thing it stands for :)

  2. I love blue and white pottery...One of my favorites!

  3. Lots of great blue and white goodies. I really love that Crate and Barrel plate.

  4. Those jardinieres from the Amaryllis Bulb Company would make such a great gift! Thanks for the tips!

    The Glam Pad

  5. Those are some great finds! A blue & white umbrella stand is on my wish list! (And I just love that Target tea pot! I hadn't seen it before and now you've got me thinking I need it! Uh oh!)

  6. Love the umbrella stands. I've always wanted one.

  7. these are beautiful finds! i'm now in love with the Marimekko plate... :)

  8. On this entry, I think I love the umbrella stand the best because it is less common for me to come across.
    My brother-in-law's very sweet grandmother has a lot of these dishes and the like, and I wonder if she has even ever heard of the double happiness thing. If nothing else, I will know what kinds of things to look for, and where, if we should ever be looking for a present for her.
    Certainly the best thing I got out of my wedding was two very precious children, but of course being divorced I'm a little biased against most other wedding gifts that I remember. lol
    When my sister got married, I painted them a picture based off a stained glass window from France that depicted the marriage of Tristan and Isolde, with themselves as the wedded couple. In retrospect, considering symbolism, this was a poor choice, considering Isolde was already married to someone else, and that someone else literally stabbed Tristan in the back later. I really should have thought that through! But the window was quite lovely, and the painting, too.


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