Wednesday, May 7, 2014


My fifth grader has a compulsion to tell the truth. That's the only way to explain him telling his teacher that I might not be able to go on his field trip this week. I am sure that this truth-telling gene will be something I appreciate when he is, in fact, a teenager. {As I was searching for summer camp options I noticed that his is the face of the teen camps here.} 

But for now I am consoling myself with chocolate and the Christmas morning of the blogging world: One Room Challenge reveal day!!!

Each blog post is like another fantastically wrapped gift under the Christmas tree.

I also included the four(!) books that are on my nightstand currently. 
Miss Manners Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding// The Lawyer Bubble // Dream New Dreams // Agenda 21

Miss Manners is obvious since I am planning a wedding. The Lawyer Bubble is for work. Agenda 21 is about a dystopian future where mothers aren't valued (kind of a good selection for Mother's Day). And Dream New Dreams was written by the wife of the Last Lecturer.

And here's a song for Mother's Day. I suppose I can console myself that I am not Debbi Mathers, whether I go on that field trip or not...

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