Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dining in the Kitchen

Since we're thinking about remodeling our kitchen, I'm also thinking about our dining area. Our house is a tri-level, and this level is very open. In fact, the entire ground floor has the same blonde flooring. 

The table where we eat our family meals is situated in the front of the house between two windows: one facing the street and one on the side. There's a third window that is also on the side of the house, heading toward the kitchen area, where we currently have a console table set up as a buffet.

Since I love a banquette I think it would be fun to add one under the front window and use it in conjunction with the chairs we already have. 

Lulu & Georgia

Next I imagine this rug underneath the table. Currently 25% less for Memorial Day! I like that it mixes blue-green and an almost black color. Not to mention it's so dark that it would hide a lot of spills!

This tablecloth to top it all off. H&M is opening a store in our local mall and I cannot wait to shop there!! They have the absolute best prices! This is only $17.95. 

Gray Malin

And on a completely unrelated note, did you see Gray Malin's new images from La Dolce Vita today? I am in love with his work! Someday I want to travel to the Amalfi coast just to see the beautiful beaches he has photographed. Which led me to discover this blog post about Lake Como (George Clooney's hangout) vs. Amalfi... Where would you rather go?


  1. I would have loved a banquette for my kitchen too, but my windows where just too big for them and changing the windows out would cost so much! Love the idea Carrie, go for it! My answer to you question - Amalfi!

  2. I wanted a banquette for our kitchen too!! but it didn't work with our it! Loving that tablecloth. And gray malin of course!

  3. I love that tablecloth! H&M?! Who knew?!!

    The Glam Pad

  4. I love this blog because of all the great ideas you have, the illustrations of what these ideas look like and how to find them, and because it's an online version of my own "dream house" book I started years ago, where I glued magazine pictures of all the things I wanted to have, try, or do one day with my dream house. Well, look at you -- You are making a lot of your dreams happen! I love it. I find it inspiring.


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