Thursday, May 1, 2014

ORC Week 5: Shopping for the Details

Welcome to week five of the One Room Challenge! The One Room Challenge was devised by the DIY dynamo Linda @ Calling It Home. In six weeks I am transforming an unused space off my kitchen into a sunny, warm, and slightly boozy Keep (short for Keeping Room).

Catch up with week one, week two, week three, and week four

Before I begin, I have to send out a HUGE thank you to all of you who gave suggestions and support last week in response to my wallpaper dilemma. So many fantastic ideas, I am sure that post will be a great resource for others who lust after the Bamboo & Birds paper like I did. 

That's right, past tense. I am a fickle creature. I'm sort of over it. At least for now. So moving on to what I did accomplish for this week... If you follow me on Instagram then you got a sneak peek already.

I bought some pillows to coordinate with the shams that I had and an orchid. It's not real so it will be forever in bloom.

I worked some more on the shelf styling. That geometric piece behind the shelves? It's from my bar'moire cabinet. I think it adds some architectural interest.

It helped that I moved some of the games off the shelves and into this new cabinet. 

It's in my living room, near where we'd actually play the games, possibly.

See how much better it looks without all the games?

I worked on what could go on the wall above the sofa. I moved this forsythia wreath over and framed a photo of a pink lily.

A close-up on the flower. I have a few more shots of it and a few more salvaged frames so who knows what will happen next?

I used gold leaf Rub 'N Buff on the knob of the bar'moire and the drawer pulls. And the rest? Will have to be left for the reveal next week. :)

Now head over to Calling It Home to check out the rest of the linking participants and the 20 design pros here!


  1. Seems like everyone was shopping this week, me included :) Can't wait for the reveal!!

  2. Looking goof! Excited to see it all pulled together!

  3. I love the pillows. I have always found it hard to pick out pillows for brown choices, but those are perfect!

  4. progress, lots of progress! good luck with the styling for next week. xoxo, dana

  5. Styling shelves could keep me busy for the entire 6 weeks! Looking good girl!

  6. Looking so good! Can't wait to see your reveal!


  7. Can't wait for the next week's reveal! Looking great so far!

  8. This whole bar thing has me inspired!! Good luck this week

  9. Love the shelf styling! Good luck and can't wait for next week!

  10. I love the pillows - it's going to look great!

  11. That cabinet is gorgeous. And I am with you on the faux flowers. Always pretty, can't hate that. Good luck this week. Very excited to see.

  12. I adore your new cabinet and how fun are those pillows?! Looking forward to your reveal next week!!

  13. Hooray for your progress! I think adding that little architectural relic from the barmoire made all the difference!!


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