Friday, May 23, 2014

High Five Friday

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are supposed to have beautiful weather for the next three days and I am so excited! I have summer fever in a big way! 

Here's the snapshot of my week--what I like to call the "High Five Friday":

1. Opening the Pool
In Michigan, Memorial Day weekend is when most families with pools open theirs for the summer. In our case, I'll be blowing it up, but whatevs, it'll still be nice to sit beside while my kids frolic.

2. We are all made of stars
This five-question quiz felt surprisingly accurate for me. I am the Phoenix, rising from the ashes.


3. Give, Give, GiveWe can't all be philanthropists, but like me, you may have lots of stuff in your house that you no longer need or love. I gave away bunches of it yesterday and it made my house feel so much lighter. It was a little sad to acknowledge that my kids are getting too old for things like Play-Doh, but knowing someone else can enjoy those things makes me feel good.

4. Rug Love
Joss & Main has some more rugs that would work great in my house.

Cori Rug
 I love the citron border on this one and how it plays with the blue abstract.
Leila Rug
This overdyed rug is a gorgeous classic modernized by the turquoise color. 
Here's an invitation if you haven't joined Joss & Main yet. It's an affiliate program, so when you join and make a purchase I get a bonus. Win-win!

5. Rockin'
My maid of honor and I met up last night at a huge farm market in Lansing called Horrocks. They have a free coffee bar and the most amazing plants at great prices as well as all kinds of goodies inside their store. I got a HUGE fern and some red geraniums that all barely fit in my car. And then, this drum-off, is how I woke up this morning. Whoa!

And let's not forget a big THANK YOU to the armed forces who fought for our freedom! Wishing you all a happy weekend full of sales and BBQ!


  1. You have fun too! Lucky for us, our pool has been open for weeks and we do plan to enjoy it!

  2. Two thoughts:

    1. For awhile I seriously considered getting a phoenix tattoo, but then when I looked up images it seemed as if every other woman on the planet had had the same idea. I have this (slightly immature) aversion to nearly all things popular. Unless it's chocolate.

    2. LOVE Horrocks. Brought my kids to see it a few weeks ago, before I found out my neurologist doesn't want me in crowded stores, and they were equally impressed at that as they were when I took them to the state capitol. Kids are so funny. Wish I could shop there more often!


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