Friday, January 2, 2015

High Five Follow Friday

Happy first Friday of the New Year!!! The best part about working on a day like today? Arriving after 9 a.m., Starbucks in hand, and still getting an amazingly good parking spot.

Before I buckle down to make zillions for my nonprofit, though, I want to share a few of my favorites for the week. 

Today's High Five is, in fact, a mashup with #FollowFriday. Below are some of my favorite Instagram inspirations.

1. Burberry
Best known for their luxury outerwear, this company is killing it on Instagram. The images are AMAZING and I think the wooden puppets are such a whimsical feature.

2. Amanda C. Brooks

The author of I Love Your Style shares beautiful images of family life in New York City and Oxfordshire, England, via her Instagram account, including lots of shots on horseback.

I swooned over the image below of her family holiday trip to Bermuda. Does life get more perfect than being under the palms in a golf cart full of champagne?!

3. Tommy Smythe
Sarah Richardson's sidekick has to be the funniest person on Instagram. While his images are always great, it's his hashtags that make me love him. Like the ones for this gritty image of Le Metro.


Metro Morning #admissionwasfree #thereissuchathingasafreeride #newyearsdayinparis #whichisagoodthing #consideringhowdearlyimpayingfor #lastnight #mmmmhhmmm

4. Barbie Style

The official Instagram account of everyone's favorite blonde bombshell is lots of fun.

5. ...
I don't have a fifth follow. But, I discovered that I can follow the Pope on Twitter. Come follow me there and maybe I'll have a reason to tweet ;)

Happy Friday New Year!!! 


  1. I had no idea those accounts existed! Love it!

  2. Ummm... Barbie is seriously too chic for words. She's come a long way since those hot pink plastic pumps and cheap lace skirts. Love all of these accounts. And yours of course! Love getting your emails in my inbox!! One of my favorite reads :) xo Kristy Woodson Harvey

  3. I'm in love with Barbie's first outfit and Tommy Smythe is the hashtag king! I find myself looking forward to them, but his latest Parisian shots are gorgeous too. Happy New Year!


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