Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Trips to Tripoli

Do you Skimm? I love their fun take on the news, and that I can feel reasonably knowledgeable about current events just by reading an email each morning. It feels sort of retro, reading the news rather than hearing it from CNN and yet, loaded with pop cultural references, it also feels kind of hip. Like I'm in the know, you know?


In today's issue, I read about an attack at a luxury hotel in Libya, which left nine dead including one American. The luxury hotel is the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli. Tripoli is the metropolitan capital of Libya, on the northern tip of Africa, surrounded by desert, but on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. That image above is the Corinthia Tripoli's lobby. Opulent, elegant, impressive ... all good words to describe the relentless attention to detail and eye for luxury that went into its design. The hotel has three restaurants, including one on the 26th floor, a café, and a spa.

Alfred Pisani founded the Corinthia hotel chain with his family in the 1960s. Their first property was the Palace Hotel and Spa on Malta, known as the island of sunshine and history. The family owns several other properties including hotels in London, Prague, and Khartoum (also on the State Department's travel advisory list).

The company adapted to the early struggles of the hotel industry, adopting an "optimistic attitude to transform challenges into successes." That spirit will help them recover from this act of terrorism. I hope so, anyway. I would love to be able to safely travel there one day.

Until that day, they're offering some great deals at their other properties.
May those who were killed rest in peace and may those who orchestrated this act of terror be brought to justice.

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