Friday, January 9, 2015

High Five TGI Friday

It's Friday! And it's snowing! It's a beautiful winter wonderland out my window. Like living inside a snow globe that's all shook up.

Thank you, sweet friends, for your comments about the mean girl on Wednesday. I'm at peace with it, but also glad to know you all have got my back. ;)

A woman I just met posed a great question today: what is your one hang-up that you plan to let go of in the new year? Someone said one-sided relationships and I think that's a great one, particularly for those of us who are blogging. Sometimes it feels like a great big middle school cafeteria, doesn't it? As if we should all be trying to get a seat at the popular kids' table, rather than just sitting down where we are and nourishing our precious little selves.

Kim Macumber Interiors
So for 2015, let's all stop focusing so much attention on what's "in" and choose things that satisfy us. Like a counter that is not marble in a room that mixes highs and lows (just like life). There is such freedom in surrounding ourselves with things that truly make us happy. 

The Zhush via Domaine Home
But let's do our best work. Every detail of Sue's new home is designed and styled to perfection. --And if, for awhile, we're just mediocre, then let that inspire us to keep trying until we are killing it!

The Reluctant Entertainer
Let's all try being nice. Especially to ourselves. Let's strive to be warm and let go, once and for all, trying so hard to look "cool."

Let's trust that our voices DO matter. We have the power to comfort or wound with our words, and to quote that classic rock anthem "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice." So reach out to that woman you don't know so well, tell her you like her shoes or the way she took a chance decorating her room.

And let's try to make this world a little better. Happy birthday Sir Nicholas!

I'll be back to making pretty rooms and talking nice about pretty rooms next week. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!!!



  1. Carrie! Thank you so much for including my turtle bath in this post! I have to tell you, in this arena of design, I hesitated on telling how I went to Walmart for towels. But, like you, I am choosing to be real and make design accessible to everyone! Happy New Year my friend!! xokim

  2. carrie... great post! I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love this post. I am so moved and inspired by beauty and well-designed spaces, but life can make pulling that off within the timeline I want kind of challenging. Thanks for keeping it real!


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