Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Symmetry and Contrast

Never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. If you had asked me last night, I would have told you this blog was done. Not trying to be melodramatic, I just have other things on my plate right now. Nothing new, really. Just an overall desire to slow down, to hone in, to savor the sweet moments...

Ryan Street & Associates
But there is this room. There is always a room, isn't there?! This one was designed by the lifestyle geniuses at Ryan Street & Associates in Austin, Texas. As if the BBQ and City Limits music weren't enough, there are these creatives mixing rustic and luxe, outside and in, velvet and concrete. Every single element of this room has been on my mind since I first saw it this weekend. How about those giant stone tiles for the wall? Does it make it look like a castle to you?? I'm seeing rectangular wall tiles that are at least 12x18 a lot lately. And I'm digging it so hard because we have cinderblock walls in our house. It's a good look. Especially with all of the other elements in this space. I love how they replicated the wood beams of the ceiling over the mantel (and do you heart the herringbone inside the fireplace? I do!) There is great symmetry and contrast in this room. The velvet sofa bounces off the leather chairs. The mid-century modern TV cabinet reflects back the worldly wood-carved console table. The big soft ottoman pops against the big stone fireplace. I love that there are chairs in front of the TV. I love that you could sit on one sofa and watch the birds flying outdoors or the embers crackling in the fireplace, but then move over to another couch to have party-talk with the people in the leather chairs or binge-watch episodes of Scorpion.

Ryan Street & Associates
Another favorite is this room, which is so different (neutral, formal) from the last one, but so gorgeous, too. I love its soothing palette, streamlined fireplace surround, and well-stocked bar. To say nothing of the architectural interest of those windows and the colors in the painting above the fireplace.

Are you familiar with the work of Ryan Street & Associates already? Their huge portfolio of work includes features in Traditional Home and Architectural Digest (including Lance Armstrong's house, which you can check out here).

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