Friday, January 30, 2015

Our House: Current Inspiration

We've been doing some reconfiguring of spaces in our house recently...
The fourth bedroom--familiar to anyone who follows me on Instagram because it's where I take my #ootd pics--recently switched from being our home office to an exercise room. 

Mix and Chic
This is my inspiration for how the room should look. Totally un-gym like. But there is a bookcase in the room, and the plan is to trim one of the shelves in order to make room for a small TV. And I'm sure I'll exercise a lot more in a room that looks like this than one that just has some boring old weights.

The computer moved to our lower level, which had been used for storage. We gave away a ton of furniture that we no longer needed and my husband laid down carpet squares, a project that took about an afternoon. The result is that it now feels like a room instead of a warehouse for unloved chairs!

Adding to the effect, we bought a new TV and credenza and moved the leather ottoman from our living room down to the den. Now we can watch movies or play video games in the space, and when my parents visited over the holidays, it's where they slept. There are still some things to do to make it a fun place to hang out. I don't think we'll be able to fit a pool table (or, my preference, a ping pong table) but painting the walls a dark color might work.

But we were left without a place to rest our feet in the living room. We've just about narrowed down the choice for our next ottoman and that will have a ripple effect, too. A new credenza is at the top of my list. I'm also hoping for a mantel like the one above and just figured out how easy it will be to remove the dated screen that is there now.

We'll also likely need new pillows and I'm feeling blue. Although the pillow above is unavailable. Boo!
I've been sort of fascinated by this kind of hidden window treatment lately and can imagine replicating it in our small master bedroom.

Studio William Hefner
And the one space that was finished, is now open to interpretation as I am thinking about doing this with a banquette and enlarging the window/door, which means it would turn from a sitting area into a dining area, and then the dining area would become an even bigger sitting area??

Only time will tell what we decide to do, but I'm excited about all we've been able to accomplish in our house in just one year.

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